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In official business The Betterphoto Guide to Digital Photography can be claimed by commenter: PShorten.  I have sent you an e-mail with request for your address but if you haven’t gotten it please check your junk mail.

I’m always interested in photo tips, who isn’t?  So this week for our Photographers in the News I bring you tips from famed photographer Frank Cricchio by way of The Beaumont Enterprise a Hearst Newspaper.  I recommend you check out all of the tips in the article but this one had me digging out my camera manual:

“Cloudy weather conditions reduce the amount of light, making for less contrast and consequently a softer image. To get a better photo, you need to tweak the contrast or tone setting in your camera, Cricchio said. You’ll get more vivid photos, even if the weather is crummy.”

I didn’t realize that I could do this as a pre-set on my camera until I investigated further.  I really am digging this setting and will be posting some shots this week of the results thanks to some really crummy weather on the radar.  Other things coming up this week:

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