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In checking out the news for photography I found it to be a little light this week and then I found this gem of an article about how to find a professional wedding photographer.  I love these kinds of articles because it tells me what I need to think about as I’m working on business plans and consulting photographers on good business management.  One of the tips in the article was finding a photographer that is a member of professional associations.  I checked out a handful of them and while they wouldn’t offer me any assurance that I was hiring a competent photographer (a portfolio is really the only way I think you can assess that) I found the PPA to be the most rewarding to the photographer.  

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) – This association offers a lot of online articles and lessons along with a host of discounts for members.  For a professional active member that is listed in their directory it costs $323 a year.  If you’re an aspiring photographer its $194 a year with the option to upgrade.  

Do you belong to any professional associations?  Why are you a part of the association – referrals, education, discounts?

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