Photography in the News: You never know who you’re shooting

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I read this article this weekend in the NY Times about a photographer that did a shoot ten years ago with Madoff (the investor that sunk himself and many others in a scheme of epic proportions).  This had me thinking though, you never know who you’re shooting.  You never really know who they are going to be.  You could be doing a shoot at your sons baseball game and you could get a shot of the next Derek Jeter.  You could be shooting at the school play and get the next Kate Winslet.  You just never know.  So it had me thinking about backing up your photography.  For me I have everything on my Mac, on my time machine external hard drive, on my online MobileMe account, on Flickr and then finally once a week my entire operation gets backed up to a server cloud far above our heads.  What do you do for backup?

And for those of you blissfully unaware of how much I hate the month of February it’s ALMOST OVER!!!!  March is just around the corner – Spring is near I can feel it.  Here’s what i have in store for you this week:

- Backdrops and Backgrounds
- Another photo challenge
- My exploration into the custom tone mapping in HDR
- Why your lens has a hood.
- And by popular demand White Balance a 200 level explanation

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