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Over the last decade working in Internet Marketing I have seen my fair share of Corporate Headshots.  If you’re an executive then you either have or should have a corporate headshot to feature on webpages, facebook, or for your biography.  But what makes a good work headshot – what should your photo shoot include?  Here’s my two cents:

- Standard straight on mug shot (from bottom rib to a few inches above the head) with a thoughtful expression – not grim, thoughtful.  not mean, thoughtful.  not scary, thoughtful. not puzzled or perplexed or constipated.  Thoughtful.  I like this shot done against a solid backdrop so you can use your image as a silhouette.  And then the following variations:
    a. Smile
    b. Lean forward into the shot changing the angle of your shoulders so you’re engaged with the photographer
    c.  Reading or engaged in your work whatever that might be.

- A full body shot – all appendages in view in a work setting.  If you’re a farmer you should be in the middle of the field.  If you’re a CEO then  you should be lean/sitting on your desk.   Variations
    a. Smile
    b. Not looking at the camera 
    c. Far left hand side of shot so that the empty space can be used for messaging.   
    d. Far right hand of shot so that the empty space can be used for messaging.   

Things not to do:
1. Do the David Thinking pose
2. Pose with a Peace Sign
3. Think of this as your senior portraits round two and be laying on the ground with your hand propped up under your head
4. Cross your arms – unless you want to appear shut off 
5. Have your blackberry clip on your pants
6. Wear white or plaid
7. Think of this as your football portrait – unless you play for the NFL
8. Do not suck in.  Suck in is visible in your face.

And now I ask you for your two cents:

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