Inspiration Board Tuesday: Self Portraits

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We’ll be getting back to our Vignette posts on Wednesday but for today I give you Photo Challenge #10 – the Self Portrait.  

I think everyone has at one point taken a shot of themselves.  Either in the mirror or by holding the camera akwardly as far away from your face as possible.  A good self portrait is a difficult task.  So this week that is my challenge to you.  Take a shot of yourself.  Maybe you’ll take a shot of your reflection – maybe you’ll hold the camera far away – or maybe you’ll intentionally take the shot with camera at the ready.

CassJustCurious 2009-03-16

Can you be comfortable behind the camera if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera?  Upload your self portrait to our Flickr Group and we’ll pull out a set of lessons learned from your postings this week.

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