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New Site Features

Hi Everyone Couple of new features below that I have just added to our site! Twitter: You can follow our site on this site by using this link. Social Media: Below each post we have inserted social media book marks. I would really encourage everyone to submit our articles so that we can get more […]

Has integrated Twitter into hi…

Has integrated Twitter into his blog! Tweet

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Self Portraits

We’ll be getting back to our Vignette posts on Wednesday but for today I give you Photo Challenge #10 – the Self Portrait.   I think everyone has at one point taken a shot of themselves.  Either in the mirror or by holding the camera akwardly as far away from your face as possible.  A […]

Photography in the News: Selling your work

I’m hitting the archives this week because I had flagged this article from the NY Times a long long time ago and as I was doing some computer spring cleaning I was really thinking about this. Getty is paying people for images that are posted on Flickr.  ”Getty editors would comb Flickr in search of […]

Coloring at Cracker Barrel

Photographer Heidi Website Audience Question This was taken with a digital camcorder/camera combo. Any suggestions for taking a photo with essentially a point and shoot? If you have a question or would like to submit a photo for everyones enjoyment please use this form. Tweet

Vignetting – When and Why to Vignette

If you are anything like me you have a regular set of sites you stop at for inspiration of photos and one thing I’m noticing all the time now is Vignetting.  Vignetting is a photographic effect and it’s also a by product of super zoom lenses.  In the easiest language possible it’s when you have […]

Working on integrating twitter…

Working on integrating twitter into BeyondMegapixels Tweet

Book Review: Take Your Best Shot

Back in November 2001, Tim Grey started an email newsletter entitled the Digital Darkroom Questions or what he refers to as the DDQ. He created the newsletter since he kept getting a lot of repeat questions from numerous photographers on his website. The book Take Your Best Shot is basically a compilation of the most […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday

Inspiration is such an interesting thing it’s completely subjective and its impossible to be wrong.  I think I love that about it most.  Number 16 from my incredibly long list of photography challenges is Open Doors.  I love  pictures with doors and windows.  I love the intrigue that they represent.  What is behind that door?  What is […]

Services to look after your server!

With the grown of web-based businesses, there are more companies that are catering to these businesses. One of these companies is Hyperic. They offer many great services that can help you out with many aspects of your business. This company provides system monitoring, server monitoring, and system management. One of the services that they offer […]