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Photo sharing

Photo sharing can be something that is very important in a family, especially for families that are spread out. Now there is a website that will allow you to use their photo sharing. You can upload your photos online and share them with their families. There is unlimited amount of photos that you can upload […]

Photographer in the News: So touching will make you teary

The article I found this morning for this post really touched me.  Here is the quick story: “Bartone, a 52-year-old professional photographer from Beechview, is hoping to lift the spirits of soon-to-be deployed military personnel and their loved ones or the families of those serving in Iraq or Afghanistan by taking their photographs and giving […]

White Balance 101 continued…

We started this conversation on White Balance and now it’s time to pick it back up.  Here’s where we left off – I shared this photo that has a series of photos at difference White Balances: Now a couple of you very observant readers pointed out that my custom white balance was a little on […]

Using High Definition TVs As Monitors

We hear more and more people are connecting their workstations or laptops to LCD or Plasma TVs. This is probably due to the fact that prices for High Definition TVs have been dropping these past few months. A quick search in Amazon will show you that you can get a 40″ full HD TV for […]

White Balance 101 or How to make people look sick.

You know when someone says to you “this will be funny one day” and how you want to hit them because it’s not funny now. That’s how I felt after I had gone to an event with my new camera (this was about two years ago now) and I didn’t know what White Balance was […]

Review: Nikon D700

In my quest for finding my next camera body I rented the Nikon D700 from ProPhotoRental. This camera did not disappoint.  I was expecting to not love it.  I was expecting to find it to be very much like the D300.  I was wrong.  I really liked it.   1. Within five minutes of taking […]

Publishing issue resolved.

I had to share this with you because it made me laugh and I received a handful of suggestion e-mails from our great readers regarding my publishing issue.  Apparently it’s still 2007 to me because my publish dates were 2/26/07, 2/27/07 and 2/30/07 (a date that simply doesn’t exist).  LOL – I’ve noted that it […]

Inspiration Board Tuesday: Snow

I had grand expectations for spring.  I had expected it to start in March.  That was Sunday.  Instead we got a lot of snow.  Massive piles of the white fluffy.  So disappointing and yet so pretty.  Today I share with you this photo from our Beyond Megapixels photo pool from Terry at HolgaVision.  Terry is […]

Guest Bloggers: Wanted!

Over the last couple of months we have been exploring the possibility of allowing people to guest post on our site. If you would like to contribute a post to our site please feel free to contact us using the form here. Tweet

Photography in the News: Walking Classes

Before I jump into today’s post I wanted to apologize for not posting Thursday and Friday.  I had posts scheduled to be published using the tool Windows Live! but publish they did not.  So you’ll get a double dose of Beyond Megapixels a few times this week.  Does anyone use an application to do your […]