Photographer in the News: So touching will make you teary

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The article I found this morning for this post really touched me.  Here is the quick story:

“Bartone, a 52-year-old professional photographer from Beechview, is hoping to lift the spirits of soon-to-be deployed military personnel and their loved ones or the families of those serving in Iraq or Afghanistan by taking their photographs and giving them away as keepsakes.”
-By Craig Smith

Is that not the best idea.  What a beautiful idea to give back to people that are giving so much to us in protecting our freedom.  Say what you will about the war – that’s a subject for another persons blog but THIS is a beautiful idea.  I am seriously considering how one would do this in their own area and I’ve started a list (big shock there ,right?) please help me by taking a few minutes and see if you have any suggestions.  I put this list together in 10 minutes so I know I have a lot of holes to fill in but let me know what you think about the idea and steps you recommend adding.

First Steps:

- contact local reserve and military bases to extend services and establish a contact person.
- find a location locally that will donate the space for the shoot.  Perhaps an outdoor venue like a park – check with the Parks Department about a pass or permit (set a rain date) or find an indoor location with good natural light – maybe an empty store front that already has good lighting setup.  Or maybe a photographers studio willing to donate the space and their time for the day?
- find another local photographer(s) willing to donate time so that we can shoot more then a handful of families 
- create a poster and information letter for interested parties including details of the day, suggestions on clothing and expectations of types of shots.  
- create online form on my blog for people to sign up for time.
-create form people fill out the day of the shoot indicating peoples names – ages – e-mail address for photos to be sent post shoot. 

Day of Shoot: 

- find volunteers to do the following: check people in for the shoot, organize the families as they are the next up to be photographed, note photo numbers of each family and create paper name of family to photograph as we change from family to family
- set expectation of 20-30 minutes per family.   
- aim to photograph the family together portrait style, candid of the whole family, and the deployed person with each individual alone.

Post Shoot:

- save each families photos to external hard drive
- e-mail a thank you to volunteers
- using send each family their photos

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