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News on photography was a little light this morning but one topic that everyone is talking about is making what was considered old and outdated new again.  Finding the thrill that you get when you use film and you’re waiting for your photos to be developed.  Do you remember your first camera?  What was it?  What about it got you interested in this subjective art form?  

My first photo was taken with my Grandma Teresa’s Polaroid camera.  For one of my teen birthdays I was given a Kodak Advantix camera.  I still have that camera and about three rolls of film that I purchased in the 90′s.  For kicks I took that camera and took pictures today – it was so challenging to not have the instant gratification of “did I get the shot?”  I dropped my film at Target and I’ll be picking it up sometime in the next week and I’m remembering how great it is to pick up pictures and look at them in my hands and not on a screen.  

What was your first camera?

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