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I’ve become engrossed in this site where they pose the question: What is your dream assignment?  

Isn’t that such a great idea?  I love exploring peoples dream jobs, hearing about what they’d like to do, how they’d like to capture it, it’s so incredible.  Like this one for example:

Walls, the way we separate ourselves

submitted by mogmismo 


We have been building walls for as long as we could pile rock on rock, to separate ourselves from our neighbours. All these barriers fail. I will photograph these attempts at separation and how as human beings, not nations, we overcome.



Humans spend our time separating ourselves from each other, by finding our differences. We build barriers between ourselves to define differences. Sometimes we even build walls out of fear. But we are not all that different, and a hand reaching across a barrier is sometimes all it takes to bring peoples together.

Traveling to places, both ancient and modern, such Hadrians wall in Scotland, to the US/Mexico border, Palestine/Israel’s Security Fence an the remnants of the Berlin Wall and the Korean DMZ zone, I’d like to document how we have tried to separate ourselves, and how we overcome this separation to become united in our humanity.

Have you submitted your dream assignment?  Do you have one?

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