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So I had a chance to read The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure over this past weekend and I have to say that I found this to be a vast improvement from the first BetterPhoto Guide that I had read what seems like years ago but was really only last month.  

This book is more advanced (although not incredibly technical) then the first in the series and I think that the major point of improvement was the photography itself.  The photos in this book are inspiring.  Straight up great work.  Whats more is that the author really talks about what it took to setup the photo – why the settings and shooting modes were selected and then the exact shooting specs were provided. 

Before taking photography classes and reading more and more about exposure I thought the numbers and appreviations under photos was as close to jibberish as you can get and if you’re in that boat now then this book will help you sort out what the numbers mean and how those numbers impact your shots. 

This book is loaded with tips and How-Tos that I found really useful like What to Expose for When Backlighting.  I had always loved those silhouetted shots where the sun is setting behind the subject and now I know how it’s done (you will too as soon as the sun decides to come out and I can do a post about it).   

The only area that I thought was a little weak were the step – by – step lessons and the assignments.  I’ve been looking and searching and asking about a real teaching book – a book that taught and challenged the reader to apply the lessons and I have not yet found one.  Do you have any recommendations?

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