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So last week we started the talk about Vignetting and today we’re going to talk about where to go online to vignette your photos for free.  Because I house all of my photos on Flickr I will start with their photo editing resource of Picnik.  Picnik on Flickr has free editing tools and then editing tools that are only available with their Premium service which is sold for $24.95 a year.  Lucky for all the Flickr users the Vignette tool is part of the free offering.  

Here’s what you do.  
1. Click on the photo you’d like to edit
2. On that photo page select Edit Photo from the icons along the top of your photo
3. Within the Picnik tool you will find Vignetting on the Create tab under the Basics heading.
4. Click on the Vignetted frog
5.  Upon clicking that you’ll get a standard Vignetted version of your photo.  Like this:
6. You can change the color of the Vignette effect I’ve used a brown shade on this photo and modified the size of the Vignette so that it didn’t extend as far into the shot:
7. You can also select any color at all – the one drawback of this tool in my opinion is not being able to select a color from the photo with an eyedropper like you can in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.
8. You can also modify the strength of the vignette on this photo I’ve increased the size as far as I could but dialed back the strength and I like the effect:

You can also find actions for Photoshop Elements very easily like this one from CoffeeShop which does provide a nice burn around the edge of your shot.  Do you use Actions in Photoshop Elements?  Any recommendations for us to checkout?

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