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Macro Photography and You

Wikipedia will tell you that Macro Photography is literally, close-up photography. I would rather tell you that macro photography is the art of expanding the smallest detail into the most beautiful of images. Macro photography allows you as the photographer the opportunity to show case the intricate details that make life as beautiful as it […]


Dearest readers, I’ve been thinking for some time that whatever pros may say against digital, it is for a fact that digital cameras have enabled a lot more people to explore their talents and showcase their creativity. In fact, I most probably would not have been here writing this post had it not been for […]

Competition: Postcards! Now Closed.

The guys over at Uprinting have decided to run another small competition especially for BeyondMegapixels. These guys do some cool postcard printing so I look forward to seeing the lucky winner’s postcards. How to Enter: Leave a comment at the end of this blog post, describing what you would use the free postcards for. Winners […]


Recently, I’ve developed a very keen interest in portrait photography. The expressions a human face is capable of showing are just so amazing. It’s like one doesn’t even need a language, so communicative and expressive are the eyes and the face. The other day, I was going through portraits on Flickr, and stumbled across this […]

Learning from Flickr

I can get lost in Flickr for hours.  I start browsing through our own Beyond Megapixels group and then I wander through friends pages and then to their friends and their friends friends.  I was doing this last night on the couch with my husband and he asked me what I was doing looking at […]

Freeze Time with High Speed Photography

Someone recently forwarded me an e-mail which had some fantastic pictures. One of those pictures was of a balloon popping. The photo had been timed such as to capture the burst just at the right moment. I then realised that it is impossible to manually time a shot with such accuracy. I was also reminded […]


A little something about judging a photograph… When you look at a photograph, how do you decide whether you like it or not? Ask yourself this question – is this a good picture? And consciously or subconsciously your mind tries to answer many questions that help’s it answer the first one. Judging whether a work […]


Badshotitis: The condition where you are taking lots of shots using your digital camera and they are all bad.  Symptoms of badshotitis include (but are not limited to)Photographers looking at display and saying “crap”, “garbage”, “awful”.   So I fell out of love with the D700.  It’s a great camera – amazing ,really.  It’s a […]

5 tips for better portraits

To take better portraits is to fully understand what it is exactly you are trying to convey. Wikipedia describes portrait photography as a way to, capture by means of photography of the likeness of a person or a small group of people, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The objective is to […]

DIY Elastic Monopod: Illustrated: Part 2

Here are some pictures to give you a better idea about the DIY Elastic Monopod. I couldn’t find a black elastic so had to settle for a white one, but my preference is definitely black J STEP 1: Collect the ingredients… Elastic, a bolt (1/4″-20) and two nuts   Step 2: Punch 2 holes at […]