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Dearest readers,

I’ve been thinking for some time that whatever pros may say against digital, it is for a fact that digital cameras have enabled a lot more people to explore their talents and showcase their creativity. In fact, I most probably would not have been here writing this post had it not been for digital.

And it is because of digital (to a significant extent) that you, our readers, are our readers! And so, as a way of thanking you all for being with us, I will be starting a series of posts with “Tips to help you get that perfect shot”. Stuff that you can be sure of will include:

Tips to improve your:  
         Wildlife Photography
         Landscape Photography
         Children Photography
         Long Exposures

Tips to:
        Shoot reflections
        Shoot fireworks
        Post process your pictures
        Manage your pictures
        Care for your gear

And there’ll be a couple of surprise posts as well! And if there’s anything you want to know about, please do let me know and I’ll try my best to help out!

Please not that it will be my endeavour to put up tried and tested tips that actually gave me results that I liked. And so I will end this post with the most important tip that I’ve learnt so far.


Agreed that it is not always easy to lug a big bag full of lenses everywhere you go; so don’t! I mean, don’t lug a big bag full of lenses. Take one lens, that’s it. And if not even that, carry a point n shoot with you at all times. Some of the most well known photographs in the world have been taken using normal point n shoots because the photographer happened to be there at the right time, WITH A CAMERA!

If you’re passionate about photography, you’ll understand that there’s hardly any feeling worse than the one you get when you see the perfect moment in front of your eyes, cursing yourself for not having your camera. I have missed so many moments simply because I didn’t have my camera with me at that time. (I did however savour the pleasure of the moment, leaving the cursing for a slightly later time :) )

Your camera should be like your watch or your cellphone or your wallet. Don’t leave home without it. Just do this much and see the kind of shots that you end up with. And as always, your comments, queries and suggestions are most welcome. Happy snapping!

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