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Badshotitis: The condition where you are taking lots of shots using your digital camera and they are all bad.  Symptoms of badshotitis include (but are not limited to)Photographers looking at display and saying “crap”, “garbage”, “awful”.  

So I fell out of love with the D700.  It’s a great camera – amazing ,really.  It’s a classic case of “it’s not you, its me”.    I knew this would happen.  I had been warned.  It’s like breaking in a new pair of heels (boots for you guys out there).  You have to warm up to the camera.  You have to learn how it shoots.  You have to assess and evaluate and review and critique your shots to see what’s what.  

At first I was miffed.  I was stomping around looking at James (which is what I decided to name the D700 because I somehow got on a James Bond feeling from the 700) and muttering: I paid a lot of money for you, a lot of money, in a RECESSION no less, GIVE ME MY GOOD PICTURES.  GIVE THEM TO ME.  GIVE THEM TO ME RIGHT NOW.  

And then I went to a very zen place and I had this realization:  This camera doesn’t always take great shots.  So when it does, it will be because YOU got the great shot.  It was a good feeling.  So when someone sees a shot they like and then they say “well, you have an amazing camera” I can agree that I do – but that camera can take some pretty craptastic shots.

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