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I name things.  My MacBook is named Maggie, my iPhone is named Little M, my D40x was named DeDe and now I have the D700 and I need to come up with a good name for her.  

Yesterday I had posted this photo on my twitter page (are you following Beyond Megapixels?)  and a couple of people actually sent me a text message to see if I had convinced the fine people at B&H to break from their religious holiday to open for my visit. HA.  Although I do have a “Moses – I can part water” spirit this is NOT something that I could (or would) do.  What I could and DID do was call every other camera store on that fantastic island of Manhattan.  Every.  Single. One.  And then I found Eddie at Calumet.  I warn you – Eddie is an upselling god and you will walk out of there with a bundle of some kind – you will.  Just accept that going in.  I did get a pretty incredible deal on a whole lot of stuff and now I’m in D700 love.  


I spent lunch reading the manual (and sipping wine as I tweet) because it had been a few months since I did the D700 review and then I hit Manhattan for a little bit of shooting – I was weighed down by a lot of stuff so it made it difficult but I could spend a year taking pictures of the tops of buildings in they city. 

They are so beautiful and detailed and you can’t really appreciate it from street level when you’re rushing to catch a subway or stepping in front of a cab to test their breaks.  

This weekend I head to my families house for the Easter holiday and I am sure that by the end of the weekend they’ll have a name for my D700 – or me….it might be Native American in nature like : Girl who shooots too much!  Do you name your stuff?  And do you have a suggestion on D700′s name?

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