Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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For months I have been planning for April 9th.  April 9th is the day that I was going to go into that fantastic island called Manhattan and go to the big B&H Photo store to buy my next SLR.  I had done review after review of Canons and Nikons and I wrote down my decision and sealed it up in a white envelope.  I wrote it down because I didn’t want to change my mind.  I had decided on the Nikon D700.  

And then as I was perusing the links for todays In the News post I came across about a dozen links like this story from CNet about the impending April 14th Nikon announcement.  Can I tell you that this is beyond typical.  I buy a MacBook Pro and two weeks later Apple releases the NEW MacBook Pro which has a better battery and has a shiny NEW label.  So now part of me is wavering on my April 9th excitement of the D700.  

What are the odds that the announcement would reveal a replacement or enhancement to the D700?

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