DIY Elastic Monopod: Illustrated: Part 2

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Here are some pictures to give you a better idea about the DIY Elastic Monopod. I couldn’t find a black elastic so had to settle for a white one, but my preference is definitely black J

STEP 1: Collect the ingredients… Elastic, a bolt (1/4″-20) and two nuts


Step 2: Punch 2 holes at one end of the elastic as shown.

Step 3: Fold the elastic, so that the holes overlap, and insert the bolt through the holes, with a nut on either side. Your end result should look something like the picture above.

That’s it! Your elastic monopod is ready to use.  To use your elastic monopod, screw in the shorter side of the bolt into the tripod socket of your camera. Don’t screw it too far or you might end up with nasty scratches on your camera’s underside; just enough so that it doesn’t come off when pulled. Now whenever you’re about to take a picture, just stick the free end of the elastic under your foot, adjusting the length and the tension such that its tight enough to lend stability without you having to put in too much effort to keep your camera where you wish to. It might take some practice, but eventually, it will result in sharper images. And with a price tag of less than $2, it’s a steal!

Shown below are two shots, one taken without the monopod, and one taken with it, to illustrate what a difference it can make. The shots were taken at 1/5 sec without a flash.

NOTE: The shots have been taken at 12x ZoOm so you can understand the kind of shake that was happening. Plus I have extremely shaky hands so it’s even more pronounced.

Taken without the monopod L

Taken with the monopod J (a little out of focus but you get the point!)

It will take some time getting used to, but you eventually will, and then you’ll see the difference. Also, if the elastic comes off (since the holes will be elastic as well :P ) you can use a washer. And get an elastic that is at least an inch wide. And of course, results may vary!

I hope you benefit from this little gadget and would love to know your experience. Feel free to leave any comments or queries. Happy Snapping!

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