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As I mentioned yesterday I’m getting more and more interested in Children’s Photography.  I’ve been reading new books about it and checking out a ton of different photographers works and blogs to try to identify shots that I like, styles that I gravitate towards and areas that I need to improve on technically to get the shots that I want to get.

I started off by reading Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent and Allison Tyler Jones is such an amazing photographer and writer – I had originally planned to give the book away after I had read it but decided that I simply couldn’t resist the urge to the thumb the pages, highlight and mark it up with post-it notes.  If you have children and you want to take better pictures of them BUY this book.  

So as I was thumbing pages I kept noting the different photographers works used in the book and I looked them up today and they have blogs that I have no added to my reader and lost a few hours of my life in.  Here are the ones that I’d recommend adding – do you have others you’d like to recommend?

Melanie Sikma Photography

Blue Candy Photography

and of course Allison Tyler Jones Photography

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