One Spring Chicken

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Are you sensing a spring trend? I’m drinking the spring kool-aid big time. I just can not get enough of it – the grass – the trees starting to bud – I love spring. Another favorite thing to do during the spring is go to the farm near our house. It’s a great place called Muscoot Farms and they have great trails and of course farm animals that Lexi loves to “ooo” at while waving and laughing. I have had a plan to make some board books for her of REAL photographed animals and I thought it would be a cute gift idea for a few friends too so I was on a mission to get some good animal shots.

Which brings me to one spring chicken. Look at this shot. It’s not so good. The direct sunlight + dingy background made for a spunk-free chicken. And lets be honest, what’s a chicken without its spunk?
CassJustCurious 2009-03-28

So I took to photoshop and upped the saturation and the vibrance and I got this – which I think is better but like any good photoshop enthusiast I got sucked in and 90 minutes of my life later we have a post.


Here’s the chicken all alone – I thought maybe I’d drop in a background but I kind of like him just clucking out there in space.


And then I thought – these are tough economic times – things are not vibrant and sunny – lets take it down a notch or 11.


Then I thought that we’ll keep the background all recessioned (used as an adjective – please comment about how you hate that if you hate that – but I like it) and we’ll plop in our clucking vibrant chick.  Which, incidentally, is the one I will be printing for the photo book.  


Then I got really sucked in and tried custom polarizing the image and I like it.  I like it a lot.


Which of course led me to radiated chicken.  This photo can be used by PETA.  


Am I the only one that gets sucked into Photoshop?

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