You’ve got to get down.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing an outdoor shoot with my very favorite model – my daughter.  We went outside and I had a big blanket and I basically scooted Lexi around this blanket for twenty minutes while trying to persuade her that grass is not food.  A friend of mine was showing me some of her pictures a few weeks ago and asked me “Why don’t I ever get a good shot?” and normally I go into my girl-friend mode where you say “your shots are fantastic” but I gave her an honest answer.  It’s not that your photos are bad – it is not your camera – you need to get down.  

When you take shots of little people on the ground and you’re standing up it leaves the photo feeling disconnected.  Take a few minutes and think about composition about how you want to remember the moment.  Most of the time you want the photo to look like you were present, in the moment, an active participant in the scene.  So get down there in the scene.
CassJustCurious 2009-03-31

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty. Getting down sometimes means getting dirty so wear clothing that washes easily. I got muddy getting this shot but considering it’s one of the few with her eyes visible (I tried to pull the hat up but she liked it shading her little eyes and kept pulling it down):
CassJustCurious 2009-03-31

And then put your subject to one side or the other. Dead center is a difficult shot but a push to the left or the right is a much easier shot to get and it adds some context to the shot allowing your subject (and the cute overalls) to shine:
CassJustCurious 2009-03-31

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