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8 Brilliant Illustrations of the ‘Rule of Thirds’

I was going through some photos on Flickr, looking for some pictures to illustrate a post that I was writing, and I came across these brilliant photographs that put the ‘Rule of Thirds’ smack in your face. Just looking at them you can make out that they could not have looked better if centered. Here […]

Macro Photography

  Photo by Daniel Schwen Macro photography is photography up close, so close you can view all the details in the picture you are viewing. This type of photography is good for wildlife and very small items. The classical definition is that the image projected on the "film plane" (i.e., film or a digital sensor) […]

Did you say Macro? Here’s a lil’ something about them macro lenses…

After I made the last post on insect photography, one of our readers sent me an email saying that he’s not getting ‘that magnification’ with his Canon 60mm macro lens, and how should he go about trying to achieve it. This I realized is a doubt in many people’s minds, so with today’s post, I […]

I remember that couch.

In my photography I try to keep out some eye-sores.  For the last few weeks I haven’t picked up the camera much because about 80% of our time is spent in a room with a couch that is….what’s the word….awful. It’s comfortable and large and has soft edges so from a practical standpoint it’s great […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 10 – Insect Photography

Ever since I was a little kid, I was fascinated by the world around me. I kept asking so many questions about stuff all around that my folks gifted me a multi volume encyclopaedia and said that I would find all my answers there. And so I did. I was particularly interested in bugs, but […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 9 – Flowers…

This morning, I spotted a beautiful looking flower that I had not seen before. It was 5:30 in the morning. The weather was heavenly, and I must’ve stood there looking at the pretty little thing for almost half an hour. Such soft petals, a brilliant mix of pink and blue, they looked mesmerising against the […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 8 – Assignments and Critique

Hello fellow shutterbugs… Do you know what I just finished?? An assignment. No, it wasn’t a photography assignment. It was a paper on Oscillator circuits, which has absolutely nothing to do with photography. But… Assignments… they are something very important for us photographers. Not because they pay well (of course that’s a great thing, but […]

What to do with soft focus.

What do you do when you have a shot that you really love but the focus is soft, or off altogether? I recently did an impromptu shoot with friends and I captured this shot of the cutest little guy.  I love his energy and focus on the ball what I don’t love about the shot […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 7 – Creative Framing

Have you ever looked at a photo in a photo frame, or maybe a properly enlarged and framed picture? Doesn’t it look nicer than an unframed print on paper? What is it about a frame that makes the picture look so much nicer? Whatever it may be, the fact is that frames are a great […]

Wildlife 101

All photographers, regardless of their skill level, seem to be drawn to one area of photography over others. My passion is wildlife photography especially birds. Still life photography bores me stiff and I’d rather face down a charging moose then try to take a candid of the bridal party with the mother-of-the-bride looming over my […]