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Since buying my iPhone I’ve been taking photos with it from time to time and I send them to my husband that works a lot (understatement #1 in this post). The purpose of these photos isn’t to capture the moment in complete brilliance – it’s about capturing the moment. It’s a camera that is pretty much always with me and while the shots aren’t great (understatement #2 in this post) they do the job of making my husband feel a part of special moments like Lexi moo’ing at the cow in the grocery store.  

About a week ago my husband in complete brilliance (sarcastic moment #1) said “those shots you’re sending me aren’t good – is something wrong with you?”  I responded a little flippantly (understatement #3 in this post) because taking “good” shots with a camera phone is NOT easy.

There are apps to help your cause like the FotoTimer which helps you do self portraits by setting a timer for the shutter – this has helped me a bit.  I also bought the CameraBag app that gives different antique like finishes to shots so that you can put a mask on the craptastic shots you’re taking.  I’ve found that using two hands and basically locking my elbows into my ribs helps me a bit to keep the shot steady.  

Care to share any of your phone camera tips?  
Example of grainy low light look of chaos that is any surface now that Lexi crawls. Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Example with locked elbows.  I documented how we lost a sock in our local Target in the hopes that one of my “followers” was following me and had our sock :-) Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

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