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This past weekend I was at my parents house and they have these huge sliding glass doors and I’m kind of obsessed with them and the light they cast. One morning while Lexi and I were up there I decided to stage a little photoshoot experimenting with the light. 

CassJustCurious 2009-05-04

This is Lexi with Chevy – light source is to the left in the shot and Lexi is exposed okay but the rest of the shot to the left is a little blown out.  I like the look of it but I have no idea how I would correct that at the camera level.  

CassJustCurious 2009-05-04

Now I’m getting Lexi peaking below the light line – I wish I had gotten her ducked down a little more so her whole little self was in the light – I love the idea of this shot and the Leading Line directly to her.  I’m going to be trying this shot again and again until I get it.

CassJustCurious 2009-05-04

I really love the light on her feet here – I adore her little toes and her Fred Flinstone feet but I find the light cutting her head off to be really distracting.  So I went to picnik photo editor in Flickr and I did this:

Sepia &Paint Effect

Cropped.  Rotated.  Sepia Tone.  Paint Brush to expose the blue in her overalls.

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