I remember that couch.

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In my photography I try to keep out some eye-sores.  For the last few weeks I haven’t picked up the camera much because about 80% of our time is spent in a room with a couch that is….what’s the word….awful.

It’s comfortable and large and has soft edges so from a practical standpoint it’s great but it’s just about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  I like Pottery Barn.  This couch is about as far away from Pottery Barn as you can get.  But here’s the thing that got me this weekend:  In twenty years we won’t really think about the 9 weeks spent here – we won’t think about the tight quarters or the vanilla scent but in photos we will see this sofa and we’ll say “I remember that couch”.  Because that’s what you do. 

It seems that every shot from my childhood has a “I remember that ______” in it.  That couch, chair, toy, poster holds a lot of memories.  So now I’m all about capturing this couch.  I guess the lesson for me was to stop shooting around things that give a sense of location to my candid shots.  I was getting a little caught up in the ” make this a professional” shot and was losing the context to which Lexi will look to remember things by.


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