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Camera Phone Help

Since buying my iPhone I’ve been taking photos with it from time to time and I send them to my husband that works a lot (understatement #1 in this post). The purpose of these photos isn’t to capture the moment in complete brilliance – it’s about capturing the moment. It’s a camera that is pretty […]

100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 1: The Basics

And with this, we begin with the 100 Steps to Improve Your Photographs (IYP) series. All right Cadets! Time for your first lesson! Before you can become a sharp shooter, you need to know how to use your gun (which here is your camera). So we’ll start with some basic tips (where many people mess […]

3 Ways to improve your Outdoor Portrait Photography

It’s spring, and while taking photos of all the new flowers is great, maybe it’s time to start thinking about photographing your friends and family too. Sure flowers are better subjects, they don’t move a lot and never complain about the photo later, but here are a few tips for photographing people that might keep […]