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Creativity with LED’s..!

With lightpainting having gained mass popularity, everyone’s trying their hands on it.. after all, all you  need is a camera that allows you to change exposure time! And with everyone trying stuff like this, there’s bound to be a flood of pictures.. and as a result, you get to see some brilliant displays of creativity, […]

Shooting Fireworks!

Shooting Fireworks!Fireworks! As a kid, they were one of the most amazing things ever. They still are, only that I’m against fireworks on Diwali because everyone does them and that really isn’t very good for either the environment, or the people. Commercial displays however, are still OK from an environmental point of view, and FABulous […]

Survey: Please give feedback!

 Hi Everyone Below are a number of questions that I would appreciate you answering. Feedback is the only thing I can use to measure how well the site is doing. If you would like to give more feedback please add a comment to the post. Tweet

Buying your first SLR..

Most of you may know that I myself am buying my very own dSLR for the first time, and hence have been doing a whole lot of research on the topic. My research ended with this article I came across a day or two ago. In the article Vandit Kalia says “In this article, I’ve tried […]

Photographer Diaries: The disadvantages of having an SLR..

An odd topic to be talking about, and with answers that are pretty obvious too, but since I love reading what all of our wonderful readers have to say, I want to share this with you. There’s absolutely no doubt about the fact that dSLRs are fantastic devices, outperforming any P&S out there. The colours, […]

Weekly linkies, 06/19/09

  People liked our weekly linkies before so we have decided to bring them back. Within the weekly linkies we will be featuring sites from the BMP links page as well as from around the industry. 15-great-jump-images Digital Photography School Some fantastic jump in the air shots courtesy of DPS The DIY Light Table – […]

Amazingly Artistic Photos of Smoke

Smoke photography has been gaining immense popularity in recent times, and rightly too. Do you remember how as little kids, any of us used to look up in the sky and find all kinds of shapes in the clouds? Well then take a look at the pictures below and tell me what you see.. I’ve […]

Turn Your Portland Event From So-So to So Cool By Renting a Photo Booth!

So you have everything you need for your event on your checklist, right? Decorations, drinks, food, music, all the furniture and flowers the area can possibly hold, but something’s missing. Sure, there’s a photographer, and maybe even your cousin Fred with his camcorder, going around taking down everyone’s thoughts on the event, –but of course, […]

Making a Difficult Decision: Canon EOS 450D vs. 40D

For a long time now, the top spot on my wishlist has been occupied by various models of dSLRs. Lucky for me, most of the times, whenever I’ve needed or wanted to use a dSLR, I was able to get a friend’s. But I don’t really need to say that if you’re serious, you simply […]

What do you do when illness strikes?

About a year ago I was struck with Fibromyalgia, a very painful syndrome that effects the nervous system and muscle strength. At the time I was working part time at Trader Joes and travelling in the winter shooting stock photography. This put an abrupt halt not only to my part time job, but also to […]