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I invested in my first iPhone last October. Ever since then I have been taking photos with it everywhere I go. Sometimes I take them while on assignment for another job, but often times I take them when I don’t have another camera handy to make a quick photo with. It has served me well and my iPhone photo archive is increasing in size everyday.


I like to think of my iPhone photos in the same way I would think of a Polaroid or a throw away plastic camera. They are fast, efficient and have a quirky quality that can be hard to achieve with film or large megapixel digital cameras. I have learned to embrace the noise and low quality resolution as a positive. The look it gives your photos is very unique and the camera is easy to use.


Here are some tips for those who want to take some amazing photos with your iPhone:

Tip 1 – Find your subject and figure out whether you will want to manipulate the photo with a filter or application. I always use CameraBag, which you can purchase from the iTunes app store for $2.99. It’s a must have for all photographers and hobbyists. Most of the filters are really cool, but my favourite filters to use are called “Instant” and “Helga.” The “Instant” filter makes your photos look like a vintage Polaroid. The “Helga” filter creates an old-school vignetting effect similar to a Holga camera.

Tip 2 – Save your originals. The cool thing about CameraBag is that it saves the original photo as well as the filtered photo. That way you can always go back to the original if you ever need it. You can also tweak the custom settings to your liking.

Tip 3 – I always keep my output size on 1200, because it allows me to print at the largest size possible. I very rarely use borders, but I do like to use the cropping setting because it gives me a square format look in the “Helga” and “Lolo” filters. I have tried other camera apps, but my personal favourite is CameraBag. So get out there and give it a shot, what do you have to lose?


I just recently had a solo exhibition in Los Angeles of my new iPhone photo series, “Perspectives.” All of the images in the show were printed 8”x8” and 12”x12” and they turned out beautiful. I actually had people asking me if I was using a Hasselblad!

You can view my new iPhone series entitled, “Perspectives,” on my website.



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  • http://www.brypix.com/ Peter Bryenton

    Thanks for the tips and your fun images.

  • http://www.brypix.com/ Peter Bryenton

    Thanks for the tips and your fun images.