10 Tips to making your first Photo Book

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If you want to preserve your photos, you should do something special. Like making your own photo book. A photo book is a great way to present your portfolio, your latest holiday, your wedding, your baby or your hobby.

You can make it with a specially design photo book software, online, or in some cases with Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress.


Here are 10 steps to your first (or next) Photo Book.

1. Choose a photo service

Choose a photo book service that suits you. Do you want to use their own software? Do they have software for Mac, Linux and PC? Do they have reasonable prices? Do they offer a discount?

2. Choose a theme

Choose a theme for your photo book. Is it a special occasion (birthday, wedding, birth) or do you want to present your best shots?

3. Collect your photos

Collect your photos in a folder on your computer. This will make it easier to place the photos in your photo book.In some cases you can even import your photos from Flickr straight into your photo book.

4. Choose your type of book

Normally you can choose between different formats, hard cover, linen cover, soft cover. You can also choose between different sizes, square, panorama and portrait.

5. Making your book

Now to the fun part. Simply drag and drop your images into your photo book. Make a two page spread with your favourite photo. Write a description, or let the photos speak for themselves. Use a photo as a background image, or add frames to your photos. Check the preview to review your book.

6. Order your photo book

Carefully check everything before ordering your photo book. Are the photos in a high resolution? Have you added text? Some software gives you the opportunity to check the spelling. Once you have sent off your order, it is too late to make corrections.

7. Wait for your book to arrive

Often the most difficult part of the process. The waiting part. But nowadays it takes only a few days to complete the photo book.

8. Reorder

Does your photo finisher give you the possibility to reorder your photo book? That could come in handy if someone sees your photo book, and decide to steal it :)

Or you could just order another book for them.

9. Show it around

Do you know what envy is? That is what happens to your friends when you show them your photo book. They all want one, or want to make one like you.

10. Make more photo books

Choose your best photos from each month, or each year and publish them regularly in a photo book.

It’s the best way to preserve your images, and also great gifts.



Contributed by Baard Hansen from Pixum.

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