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Most of you may know that I myself am buying my very own dSLR for the first time, and hence have been doing a whole lot of research on the topic. My research ended with this article I came across a day or two ago.

In the article¬†Vandit Kalia says “In this article, I’ve tried to find a fine balance between being objective and yet offering enough opinions to actually reach a conclusion that is a little more helpful that “they are all good”. Valid though that assertion is, I think in hindsight that this is quite frustrating to someone looking for advice.” …

Further he gives some solid to-the-point advice covering everything from which brand to how many megapixels to some rather ignored but important aspects to consider when choosing a camera. He explains everything in just the right amount of detail, in a way that actually informs the person rather than confuse them further. Towards the end, ¬†he goes ahead and gives some straight forward recommendations based on whether you’re just looking for better pictures than your p&s, are a serious hobbyist who wants to explore further, or are looking for a camera for specialized needs. And finally he ends with some useful straightforward tips that will help you seal the deal on your cam.

I recommend you go through the article even if you’re not buying a camera yet. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the read simply because it is interesting, informative and a fun read too! You can read the article here: Buying Your First SLR

Vandit is an experience wildlife photographer whose photos have been published in leading publications like National Geographic, Sanctuary Magazine and many more. He has written a few other articles pertaining to equipment and technique particularly relating to wildlife photography. You can find them on his site.

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