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I’ve been working on Focus.  Focus in all aspects of my life really.  Finding your focus and blurring all the other business is my personal photo task of the month.  Let’s check out a couple shots that I like where I’ve gone.  I’m using my D700 with a fixed 50mm lens in Aperture priority mode with f/1.4.

What does an f-stop of 1.4 mean?  Most simply, it results in one thing being in focus with all other aspects of the shot NOT in focus.  If you get more complicated it means you have a shallow depth of field.  A wide depth of field would be a shot where everything appears to be in focus.  Typically the lower f-stop your lens can go the more expensive the lens is.  I have to say that of all my lenses the 50mm 1.4 lens is my very very favorite.  I used to enjoy the laziness of zooming in but getting closer to your subject has so many benefits that I’ve given up the lazy factor.

In the park with Lexi and Mommy

In the park with Lexi and Mommy

One thing that I’ll point out from a composition stand point is leaving some open space in “front” of the subject.  In the picture directly above I gave open space in the shot in front of Lexi and she turned her head towards the camera – this positions her on the far right side of the picture.  Having open space in front of your subject and not behind the subject gives a shot a more intimate feel.

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