Turn Your Portland Event From So-So to So Cool By Renting a Photo Booth!

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So you have everything you need for your event on your checklist, right? Decorations, drinks, food, music, all the furniture and flowers the area can possibly hold, but something’s missing. Sure, there’s a photographer, and maybe even your cousin Fred with his camcorder, going around taking down everyone’s thoughts on the event, –but of course, he forgot to actually turn the camcorder on because he’s three sheets to the wind, and busy scouting for a date! If this has ever happened to you, or at least something close, then don’t trust your reception, or part event to amateurs. Hiring a photographer can be expensive, but sometimes, it seems like the best option, right?

Wrong! You should check out Portland photobooth rentals.

Not only do people love the old fashioned photobooths, but finding one at a party, or event will definitely cause a stir! People will be lining up for a chance to use the photo booth. All they need to do is hop in, push a button, and make a few silly or romantic poses for the camera. Then your choice of black and white, or color pictures pop right out of the slot. Done! Plus, there’s all the convenience; there’s an operator to set up the photobooth, who sticks around to make sure everything works, four hours of rental time, or more if you need it, and then the operator just takes it down, and packs it up. No fuss, no muss, plus you get a CD-ROM of all the pictures taken, and unlimited prints in both color and black and white!

So if you’re stuck on what to add to your party, stop worrying. Rent a photobooth and your guests will thank you; when you see what a great time everyone had with the amenity, you’ll thank yourself! Check out the website for more information about Portland photobooth services.

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