What do you do when illness strikes?

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About a year ago I was struck with Fibromyalgia, a very painful
syndrome that effects the nervous system and muscle strength. At the
time I was working part time at Trader Joes and travelling in the
winter shooting stock photography. This put an abrupt halt not only to
my part time job, but also to my photography. I no longer had the
strength to hold up my Canon Mark III, let alone take photos. After
going through the usual trials and tribulations of finding the best
treatment I found my condition was caused by neck injuries and started
on several paths to healing.

Photo by Dixon Hamby

But, in the meantime what about my photography? Life hardly seemed
worth living if I couldn’t pursue my passion. Dorthea Lange said
“It’s no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer any
more than the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer.” Enter the iphone. I
started taking photos with my iphone and would post one on my blog
each day. It gave me a vehicle of expression that I sorely needed to
help the healing process along. I soon found out, as we all know, its
not the camera but how we view our environment that makes good photos.
Now I always had my camera/iphone with me so I could take photos at
anytime. I was happy with the results and it really helped me to
observe light and design and keep my eye sharp. Most of all it enabled
me think about something other than how crappy I felt.

Photo by Dixon Hamby


In the past year my health has gradually improved. I traded in my Mark
III for a lighter 5D Mark II and now can also shoot video, which I
hadn’t done since college. My blog now has more than just iphone
photos, but each day I still put an iphone photo on it. They can be
viewed at my website here. So when illness strikes, and
it does to everyone, just pick up an iphone and keep on truckin’.
Which for use means keep on shooting.

51409[1]Photo by Dixon Hamby

As Daisaku Ikeda said “Photography is a weapon in the struggle to
create value. Depending on your outlook, on the contents of your
heart. Nothing in the entire universe is meaningless or wasted.
Everything possesses beautiful, precious, invaluable life.”



Photo by Dixon Hamby


This post was contributed by Dixon Hamby and you can find out more on his website.

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