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Getting Pro Equipment at half price!

Photography is without a doubt, a very expensive hobby, especially if your hobby doesn’t earn you anything (which of course would make it a profession and not a hobby). Anyways, the fact is that not everyone can afford all the expensive equip involved. But it is also a fact that many do end up with […]

Fantastic Silhouettes!

Here are some fantastic, dramatic and creative silhouettes that should inspire you to study and play with shape and form. Photo by mugley Photo by L*U*Z*A* Photo by L*U*Z*A* Photo by FreeWine Photo by Petra Photo by Mark Sebastian Photo by *Sean Photo by vramak Tweet

20 Great Themes For Your Photo Book

  Do you have thousand photos in your computer? Why don’t do make a photo book that you can see and use every day? Here are some great titles and themes for your next photo book. 1. My Recipes Combine your love of food with your love of photography. Making your own cook book can […]

8 Tips for Photographing babies

Babies are and always will be the cutest subjects a photographer can find. Of course the flip side is that they hardly keep still and are difficult to settle for a picture. Nonetheless, their cute pink faces and big eyes work like magic pills and drain you of all your stress. I’m sure most of […]

Book Review: Digital Photo Secrets by David Peterson

A big HI! to all our readers. Today we have for you a book review. The book being talked about is “Digital Photo Secrets – Tips only the pros know about taking photos easily” written by David Peterson. The book is available as a hard copy as well as an e-book. Getting straight to the […]

How to Clean Your Lenses Properly

A lot of first time dSLR users are all thinged up about their lenses getting dirty and dusty and everything. And no matter how careful you are, some amount of dust/dirt/prints do make it on to your lens (if you’re not using a filter). If you’re using a filter, you save yourself the trouble of […]

Live Music Photography 101

I shoot music because I genuinely love music. I always have and I think I always will. These days when I am shooting a band I make sure to travel light, yet always be prepared for any given situation. Professional concert photographers can often be seen with 2-3 camera bodies strapped around their necks with […]

Budget Lens Recommendations: Tamron 17-50mm & Sigma 17-70mm

One major problem that a lot of people face when making the transition from P&S to dSLR is the expense involved. If you’re used to the high zoom compacts, you’ll realise that you’ll need to spend 10 times the amount (or more) to get that level of zoom with the high quality. And of course, […]


For all you Canon P&S users out there who miss the facility of RAW shooting and extra long and extra short exposures, and a host of other features, some people have been hard at work to provide you all that without buying a new camera. CHDK (which stands for Canon Hack Development Kit) is a […]

10 Most Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer

Have you ever had someone look at a picture that you took (as a result of a lot of observation, preparation, patience, and dirty laundry) and say “Man, that is one sweet.. (you expect ‘photo’).. camera you have!” I used to stay silent and disappointed earlier. Now I simply say “Yea. Here, take the camera, […]