10 Most Annoying Things to Say to a Wildlife Photographer

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Have you ever had someone look at a picture that you took (as a result of a lot of observation, preparation, patience, and dirty laundry) and say “Man, that is one sweet.. (you expect ‘photo’).. camera you have!” I used to stay silent and disappointed earlier. Now I simply say “Yea. Here, take the camera, go out and get me a pic that you yourself think is as good, and you can keep the camera.” The camera is still with me ;) ..
One guy added, “You can’t take a good picture just like that. You were really lucky to find those owls you know.” I think and I remember, this is the same guy who came up to me and asked, “What are you clicking?” I said, “See those owls up there (pointing to them)?” He looks around, everywhere, even directly at the owls, and says “Where? I don’t see anything!”. And it just so happens to be a coincidence that those two owls used to perch on the same tree, same branch (or close by), same time of the day, almost everyday. I guess I’m ‘lucky they didn’t move out of that tree’ ;)

This one from Paul Burwell’s blog is specially for all the wildlife photographers out there. I can relate to it 100 percent! And I’m sure you can too..

Photo by dqtaz

10. Will you photograph my wedding?

Okay, I know that I should take this as a compliment. But unless the bride and groom are going to wallow through a swamp on all fours, count me out. Brides and their mothers scare me more than coming face-to-face with a mother bear and her cubs while hiking.

9. Why can’t I get pictures like that with my cell phone?

Hmmmmmm. Tough one. Could it be that the miniscule image sensor and cheap piece of plastic they call a lens can’t quite compete with quality glass and the resolving power of the sensors in modern digital SLR cameras?

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