20 Great Themes For Your Photo Book

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Do you have thousand photos in your computer? Why don’t do make a photo book that you can see and use every day?

Here are some great titles and themes for your next photo book.

1. My Recipes

Combine your love of food with your love of photography. Making your own cook book can be a lot of fun. Take photos of your favorite food, mix them with your favorite recipes, and voila: You have your own personal cook book.

2. My Family

What better way to show your love for your family, then presenting them in a photo book. You can present each family member with their vital statistics, and of course your best photos of them.

3. My Best Photos from 2008

Presenting your best photos from the previous year is of course a favorite among many of our customers. Select your best photos from each month of the year, and each year. Remember to put all your photos in a folder on your computer first. That makes it easier to sort them into your photo book.

4. My Team

What is the best team building event? A photo book! Make a presentation of your team at play with photos and a short text presentation. This could be the best seller of the year. Your team would like to order their own copy.

5. My Wedding

Wedding is always a popular theme for a photo book. It could be your own wedding, or it could be a wedding that you are invited to. If you are invited to a wedding, why not present them with the best ever wedding present: A photo book of their wedding!

6. My Pregnancy

Your children will love this book. It’s a book about them, and the magic of life. Show the whole process of the pregnancy, from your first visit to the doctor until birth and the first days after the birth.

7. My Holiday

A great idea for those long cold autumn evenings is a photo book of your warm holiday memories. This will keep your memories warm and you will definitely want to make another photo book from your next holiday.

8. My Hobby

Do you dance salsa? Do you collect something? A photo book can be a fun way of presenting your hobby.

9. My Poems + Your Photos

Here is how you can melt your interests together. If you like writing poems and also have a fondness for taking pictures, you can combine these two aspects into a personal photo album.

10. My Pet

A day in the life of your favorite pet. I bet there is no better way to show your affection than presenting your favorite pet in your photo book.

11. My Life (so far)

A great gift idea for anniversaries is a photo book that celebrates your life until now. Make it chronological, or present important events in your life throughout the book.

12. My Travel Diary

Going on a longer journey? Think of how you can present those magnificent images that you are sure to take in you travels.

13. My Love

Have a ball with this one. Have fun choosing and making this photo book of your love interest. But the best thing is of course: How happy that will make him or her.

14. My Yearbook

Not satisfied with the official yearbook? Make your own. Sure to be the best loved book in your library or on your coffee table.

15. My Landscape Photos

Photo books can be a great way of presenting landscape photos. You can spread them over two pages and discover details that you didn’t know was there.

16. My Garden

Keep the memories of your garden between two covers. Will make the wait for the next spring more endurable. And will give you new ideas what to plant next year.

17. My Work Colleagues

Make mini portraits of your colleagues at work with photos and descriptions. Their favorite food, their favorite team and their favorite color. A fun way to present and preserve a good relationship at work. Team building. Your colleagues would like their own book.

18. My Project

Have a favorite pet project of yours? If you are redecorating your apartment, you may want to show off the process, before and after.

19. My Scrap book

A scrap book can be a fun way of presenting your life. Scan bits and pieces and put them in a photo book along with your photos.

20. My Children

Do you keep boxes and boxes of photos? Sort out those old negatives, scan them and present them in a photo book. Your children will thank you for the job.

The following post was wrote by Baard Hansen from Pixum.

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  • Donnie Jacobs

    I guess no one edited this post? It begins “Do you have thousand photos in your computer?” Did you mean “Do you have THOUSANDS OF…” or “Do you have A thousand photos…”? And the next sentence reads “Why don’t do make a photo book that you can see and use every day?” I'm guessing you meant “Why don't YOU make…” You guys seriously need to review your reviews and articles before posting.