Book Review: Digital Photo Secrets by David Peterson

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A big HI! to all our readers. Today we have for you a book review. The book being talked about is “Digital Photo Secrets – Tips only the pros know about taking photos easily” written by David Peterson. The book is available as a hard copy as well as an e-book. Getting straight to the point then..

This is a good book for beginners. It covers a very wide range of topics which include basic tips for getting better photos that apply in most situations, specific tips for different subjects and occasions like fireworks, sunsets, weddings and more, a whole section on composition, followed by tips on maintenance and full sections on image file formats and printing images.

The content is good when it comes to application, and is written in simple, easy to understand language, in a manner that is not too technical but at the same time conveys the message clearly. As in any photography book, there are plenty of pictures to illustrate whatever is being said. Although they’re good enough to illustrate the points in most cases, they’re not very appealing in an absolute manner. Anyone who is reading a book on photography tips would obviously expect photos that would illustrate the points being put forward and at the same time look appealing enough to encourage the reader to think “Hey! If I apply the knowledge contained in this book, I can take pictures like those!” I’m afraid I did not find many of the pictures to be of the kind that I find in other publications of similar nature. In fact there were some that did nothing but illustrate the point, and were otherwise very average and sometimes flawed in other aspects as well. If you’re expecting images that will make you go ‘Wow!’ then you won’t find them in here. I for one do like to see good illustrations alongside the text. As I said, they encourage the reader as much as the written content.

The good part about the book is that it has solid content, and lots of it. Most questions that any beginner would ask have been answered in the book. The first section has 21 vital tips that every photographer needs to know and use. Then follow more tips followed by the section on composition which has some pretty interesting information, some of which was absolutely new to me. It analyses how the brain reacts to different visual elements and how they can be used in an image to convey a specific mood. This was followed by tips for specific situations and subjects. The author also talks of the different modes and settings in cameras, and how and where to use them, which is very well written and also contains straightforward tips regarding what needs to be done to get a specific result e.g. What shutter speed do I need to freeze the flapping wings of a bird? – Use a shutter speed of about 1/1000 seconds. There are similar sections on Depth of Field and ISO and are also written very well.
Following this is a detailed section on getting prints of digital images with useful information including what printers to use and what resolution is needed for what size.

At the end of the book is a section that has answers to common questions like how to name all your image files and why prints look different from digital, which will also interest many people.

As for the instant results, well, nothing comes without practice, and if you put into practice the content inside, you will see an improvement. This is considering of course that you were previously unaware of them ;)

Overall, I would say that although I’ve read better books, this is still a well written book, primarily for people who are relatively new to photography, with some content for the more experienced photographer as well. I would recommend it to beginners for its vast content and simplicity.

If your are interested in buying this book you can from here - Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page :)

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