How to Clean Your Lenses Properly

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A lot of first time dSLR users are all thinged up about their lenses getting dirty and dusty and everything. And no matter how careful you are, some amount of dust/dirt/prints do make it on to your lens (if you’re not using a filter). If you’re using a filter, you save yourself the trouble of cleaning the lens, thereby reducing the chance of your precious glass getting scratched/damaged. But some people don’t use filters because they believe the filter may reduce the image quality of their expensive lens. Debatable issue, lets leave it for later. For now, assuming that you do need to clean your lens, here’s a post on Camera Dojo that should be of great help:

“There are three things that I keep handy in order to keep my lenses clean. A good microfiber cloth, a Giottos Rocket Blower, and a LensPen. I do not use any cleaning process that uses chemicals since even the best will leave some residue. Preferably I don’t want to touch the glass at all so the first step is going to be to use the Rocket Blower to get as much off the glass as possible. If something isn’t coming off easily I turn to the brush side of the Lenspen. If the issue is something different like fingerprints (my personal biggest issue) then the best way to clean that is with the felt tip of the Lenspen. The carbon dust will clean and polish the lens to perfection….

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