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Patience, Observation, Passion.. Result is Great Photos

My name is Steve Creek and I’m a wildlife photographer from Lavaca, ARK.  I love the outdoors and spend many hours in the woods with my camera.  Photography is my passion.  I enjoy watching and studying wildlife; two key things you must do in order to get that perfect photo. I have had numerous opportunities […]

The Power of RAW!

This post is for those who think RAW is a waste of memory, or that JPEG is good enough. The image below is the in-camera JPEG from a Canon Powershot S5 IS, P&S. The extreme under-exposure is intentional. A firmware add-on that enhances the camera’s features (RAW/DNG support, increased max n min shutter-speed, RGB histogram […]

100 STEPS TO IYP: Round up

We thank all our readers for the appreciation that the IYP series has received. We will continue to give you the best content we possibly can. For now, here is an index of all IYP posts for easier access – 100 STEPS TO IMPROVING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY – 100 Steps to IYP – Lesson 1: The […]

100 STEPS TO IYP: Participating and Socializing

For the last lesson of the IYP series, I would like to touch upon what has been perhaps the most important resource during my photographic journey – the internet.  Of course most of you understand that thats why you’re reading this. The internet is the biggest resource in the world without a doubt. You can […]

Smoke Photography 101: With a DIY Light source! [PART 1]

In this post, Beyond Megapixels reader Devanshu Jain guides us through the process of Smoke Photography, from start, to the finished product. This is the first of 2 posts. Let me begin by saying that there’s no right or wrong way to shoot and process abstract smoke photographs. What I will share with you is, […]

Beyond the childhood clichés

Firstly, thanks Vernon for the invite to do a spot of guest writing here on BMP! Out of all the topics I could possibly write about in the vast photographic world- I have decided just on the spur of the moment, to write about the psychology and sociology of the children’s portraiture photo session and […]

100 STEPS TO IYP – Post Processing

So here we are, back after a long gap. For this lesson of the IYP series, we focus on a very important aspect of photography – Post Processing. Post processing is an important part of photography. If you don’t agree, I would request you through this post and the comments that follow. I’m sure you’ll […]


Greetings … Gareth from The Celtic Camera Photography here. Before we get under way, I’d like to take a moment to thank Vernon for asking me to guest blog here on “Beyond Megapixels … truly a spiffy thing, sure! Today I’m going to show you how to create an HDR photo from a single image. […]

What the Duck!

I had a great start to the week, when a friend sent me a link to this comic strip featuring a photographer duck! Many of you may have heard of it earlier, but many may have not, which is why the post. I’ve never been a comic book fanatic, but yeah I’ve read my share […]

Painting with light!

Hi all! This post is a follow-up to our recent post on ‘Creativity with LEDs’, and is for those who are wondering how to get results like those. Contained in the following paragraphs is the ‘secret recipe’ to becoming a pro light painter!  Man that sounds awesome… “I’m a painter… I paint with light..!” Enough […]