Photographer Diaries: A Special Thank You Note!

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The moment of truth is finally here. What I’ve been working for for the past ‘seems like forever’ long.. that which has given me sleepless nights.. that which had given me good dreams and nightmares (the last of which I had a couple of hours back!).. that which will be my most prized possession (along with my dear Dell of course :D ).. The Canon EOS 40D is finally here!!! This is nothing but a thank you note to everyone who had anything to do with this purchase..

First and foremost, a BIG THANK YOU to my friends Pulkit, Lovneet, Karan and Gunjeet, who actually worked with me simply to help me get this. Where I am, it is very difficult to get part time jobs, and I collected most of the dough working on the net, and these guys worked with me selflessly, doing stuff that was extremely boring, and sometimes mentally exhausting too. A special note of thanks to Anirban, the guy who gave me work when there was hardly any to be found! Thanks to my friends Angad and Guneet who also contributed towards the cam ;) Finally, a special Thank You to Vernon Southward, the guy behind BeyondMegapixels! I was because of him that I ended up saving more than $300! (Which is a lot.. because cameras aren’t as cheap here as one would wish) Of course I was lucky enough to get such a deal in the first place, but I couldn’t have taken advantage of it without Vernon’s help :)

Thanks also to all my other friends and my mum and sis for tolerating all my ranting and my obsession with buying a new camera. Thanks to my Uncle, who took delivery of the camera :D

Thanks of course to our readers, who gave their valuable opinions on deciding between this and the Rebel XSi. And thanks to the wonderful reviewers and professionals who take pains to write genuine reviews and recommendations.

Special thanks to Mr. Bill Houghton and Mr. Raminder Pal Singh, who recognized my potential and encouraged me to work towards this.

I’m out of city right now, and I can’t wait to get back and get my hands on the beauty! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait another two weeks for that :( but hey, it’s there waiting for me!! YAY!! I cannot describe in words my excitement, because this is like a major achievement for me for many reasons..

Once again, thanks to everyone who played even the smallest role. I love you all!

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