Gems – Black and White

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I wanted to share some great black and white photographs that I’ve come across during this week’s perusal of Flickr’s “Creative Commons”. Most of these are from amateur and hobbyist photographers who have a great eye for composition and a natural talent. I’d like to acknowledge these photographers for their creativity.

jasmine - photo by faeryboots

"jasmine" - photo by faeryboots

white rose - photo by .ygor

"white rose" - photo by .ygor

Gothenburg Streets by mescon

"Gothenburg Streets" by mescon

legs by thart

"legs" by thart

Shoeburyness Stairs by artwork rebel

"Shoeburyness Stairs" by artwork rebel

another forgotten train track by pastaboy sleeps

"another forgotten train track" by pastaboy sleeps

Ponto de Equilibrio by Dan Queiroz

"Ponto de Equilibrio" by Dan Queiroz

reading room by eflon

"reading room" by eflon

color in b&w by thart2009

"color in b&w" by thart2009

Mammoth Caves, Kentucky by Peter Rivera

"Mammoth Caves, Kentucky" by Peter Rivera

shut up by tiago

"shut up" by tiago

giraffe by Marcin Wichary

"giraffe" by Marcin Wichary

For more incredible black and white photos, check out this entry that I came across, at Smashing Magazine.

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