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Recently I got contacted by RedRiverPaper to do a review of their paper. I have included a snippet from the email that they sent me below.

We make premium photo inkjet papers that are as good or better than the retail brands that cost up to 40% less.

I’m always a little skeptical of companies who tell me they can offer me the same paper I buy for 25USD for 19USD :)

I decided to compare the RedRiverPaper (UltraPro Gloss 2.0) to Epson (Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy) paper that I recently bought. I did the tests using my Epson WorkForce 310. I selected the image below from our flickr group.


Photo by mensch


I wish I could say that there was a difference in the quality of the print outs but there wasn’t. The RedRiverPaper produced the exact same quality as the Epson paper.

I did some further research on RedRiverPaper and from what I can tell these guys have an excellent product and people are very pleased with the over buying experience.


RedRiverPaper (UltraPro Gloss) – 100 sheets 4×6 – 19.40 USD – Saving 23%

Epson (Ultra Photo Glossy) – 100 sheets 4×6 – 25.20 USD

If you are interested in buying from these guys you can use the following link: BUY NOW!

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Anyone used these guys before and can lend some insights?

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