Prajneet (RIP): A great person, photographer and friend.

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Over the last few months I have had the privilege to work with a great person in Prajneet. Prajneet was passionate about photography and he loved writing for BMP, he especially loved interacting with the community.

I tried to find the original application form that Prajneet sent me when applying for the BMP blogger position. I got around 100 applicants and then I had this Indian guy send me a mail saying something along the lines of “I love photography, I want to write for your site and you should hire me, please give me an opportunity”. I hired Prajneet and he turned out to be a great hire. A good hire is when you have a number of big sites come and tell you how good a writer he really is and his content rocks!

Funniest moment was when he emailed me at 3 am in the morning telling me “Vernon we’ve hit 5,123 RSS readers”, I was trying to work out why he picked 5,123 as the number.

Prajneet’s best work was easily the IYP series that he ran and got 100,000’s of hits. It was all his idea to run the series and I know that I loved reading his articles which were always unique and full of useful insights.


If you would like to read more please refer to the link below, I’m not a very good communicator when it comes to these issues.

Thanks Prajneet for all your great work, we send our prayers to your family at this time.

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