Tips for Buying Used Photographic Equipment

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Following up on our previous post on buying refurbished and particularly used equipment, here are some tips for you to make the right choice when buying used photographic gear.

Michael Zhang over at PetaPixel has written two great posts which cover all major aspects that one needs to be aware of when purchasing second hand. In the first post, he mentions the advantages and basic tips regarding used equip, including where to buy from, what to buy, whats the right price, and plenty of other actually street usable tips.

The second post details on examining and testing the equipment before making the purchase. He also recommends meeting up and checking the gear personally as far as possible. This is where craigslist helps as you can find good deals in your own city, or close by. Buying from other sites like eBay or photographic forums is also fine, but then the risk is obviously higher. When buying without personal examination, it helps if you have a relative or a friend close to the seller’s location who can go and examine it for you and take delivery if you so wish. I did that and saved quite a bit of dough on a great deal being offered by a guy in the other corner of the country. My uncle who is an experienced photographer went, checked and approved the equipment before I made the payment and had it shipped. If not, then you should at least ask for pictures taken using the lens, and of the lens, clearly showing the glass on both sides.

You can read the posts here, and here. I’m sure you’ll benefit a great deal, because he’s written from experience (and the fact that all of his equipment except his camera body is used, does indicate quite a bit of experience ;) )

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