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We owe a lot to those photographers who travel to far-off places, and sometimes put their own lives in danger, to document events, the environment, and humanity at its best and its worst. They bring home images to us that we’d never be able to personally experience, or even know about, without their efforts. Such pioneers in photojournalism as Dorothea Lange, Robert Frank, and Henri Cartier-Bresson paved the way for modern photojournalists and documentarians, and set the standard by which the quality of such work is measured today.

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Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “Sabrina, Street Performer” by DMahendra on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Opposition Protest at Azadi Square, Tehran June 15, 2009″ by Arasmus on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “The Rower’s Progress” by True False Film Festival on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “I Am Not A Terrorist” by Monaxle on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “An Oxfam activist showing a “Stop Harming – Start Helping” Christmas card delivered to UN Climate negotiators in Poznan” by Oxfam International on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Documenting the pollution” by Magnus Franklin on Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Always Faithful, Doberman, Military Working Dog, MWD, World War II Memorial, War Dog Cemetery located on Navel Base Guam” by BL1961 on Flickr Creative Commons.

(*) The views expressed by the contributing photographers in this entry do not necessarily reflect those of the employees and management of Beyond Megapixels.

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