Fix My Photo – Flagstaff from Mars Hill

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I was recently in Flagstaff, Arizona, hanging out for the weekend while my husband had to work a job for the local hospital. I drove up to the top of Mars Hill, from which the entirety of Flagstaff was laid out before me for my viewing pleasure.

It was the middle of the day. The light was rather harsh, but I knew I wouldn’t get the chance to get back up to the lookout in the early morning, or at dusk, when the light would be more friendly for landscape photography. So, this is the image that I captured:

Exposure: 1/250; Aperture: f/11; Focal Length: 55mm; ISO 200

Tell me, what would YOU do, Beyond Megapixels’ friends, readers, and visitors, to redeem this rather ordinary snapshot? What post-editing tricks and tips do you have to share, that would turn this picture into something of quality? What would you have done differently to compose the shot in the first place? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.


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