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Recently I was approached by Snapixel to promote their service to our users. When I spoke to Snapixel I asked them for a short definition of their services and the main features of their site.

Snapixel is photo sharing community and stock photography market place, providing all levels of photographers and photo-enthusiasts with the tools to upload, store organize share or sell their photos.

What makes us different to the rest:


1. Our members get more free storage space than most photo sharing  (5GB  – no other limitations)

2. We offer reasonable priced pro membership (9.95EUR).

3. The default images have a better resolution (larger than Flickr).

4. Stock photographers get a 60% cut and a free pro account.

5. Snapixel offers photographers an easy-to-market solution to sell.

6. Open pricing – Photographers can set their own price and create a custom pricing template.

Things that I liked while playing around with the site:

1. Extremely easy to navigate and get setup.

2. The market place is easy to use, although they don’t seem to have very much in the way of stock.

3. Geo-tagging & mapping.

Things I disliked:

1. I never got the organizer to work for some reason. The feature looked cool but for some reason when I selected a picture the menu bar became inactive.

2. It wasn’t clear to me why I would want to connect my twitter account to my Snapixel account. I couldn’t find anything in the help that referenced it.

3. You can’t do mobile uploads.

If you would like to see what a profile looks like, be sure to check out some of the links below:



Overall looking at the product I feel that this is a good first attempt by Snapixel and I would encourage people to setup up an account and get involved in the marketplace. The Pro account is the cheapest around, I think flickr retails at 24USD, but then again you will loose a lot of the social element to flickr that people like.

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