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BeyondMegapixels each month gets a bunch of books to review and I normally have to turn away publishers due to resource issues or simply not having enough time to complete the review. So I have decided that if readers on our site are interested in reviewing and writing book reviews then this is a win win for both of us. Doing these book reviews will hopefully generate a little bit more of a community feel to the site.

If you become a book reviewer you get to keep the book for free, postage and packing is also free. If you have a blog we will also include a link to your blog in the review.

Below is what we expect from a book review:

1. Honest book review.

2. Reasonable length reviews 300-400 words.

3. 3 weeks to finish the book review and submit the review to us.

4. Reviews must be unique and only posted on BeyondMegapixels

If you would like to become a reviewer, please use the contact us form to register your interest.

Note: BeyondMegapixels doesn’t charge a fee to publishers for reviewing books. We don’t ship books to countries outside of the US.

Also if you have written a book that you would like reviewed on our site, please use the contact us form to schedule a book review with us.


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