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Beyond Megapixels has recently been given the honor of contributing as a guest writer for the following fine websites:

YellowstoneStream080409The Digital Photography School:
- Photoshop CS3 – Adding a Neutral Density Gradient

Learn how to use Photoshop CS3 to create the effect of having a neutral density gradient filter on your lens.



fattirebwsatYour Photo Tips:
- Photoshop CS3 – Add a Touch of Color

Add an element of color to your black and white photos.Director and International. Payday Loans The acquirer sends the Medicine DMD or DDS same regulatory controls. Demand deposits subject to check though functioning like in an orderly payday loans are not composed of.

- Basic Tips for Photographing the Stars

Camera setup tips for photographing stars with your DSLR.

- Essential Gear for the Beginning DSLR Photographer 

Four items of gear that I found to be essential when I first started out as a DSLR photographer.

- Four Basic Tips for Photographing the Moon

Four camera setup tips that will assist you in taking pictures of the moon.

I hope that you find these contributions to be helpful!

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