On-Line Photography Collaborations

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Participate in one (or all!) of the following on-line photography collaborations, open to all!

- Shutter Sisters hosts a Flickr pool where participants submit their favorite shots. One photo per day is selected to be featured on the daily click. They also sponsor The One Word Project, where participants submit their interpretation of the “word of the month”. Check out picture hope and one sweet shot as well – Shutter Sisters is all about sharing your great photographic creations!

- Digital Photography Assignments are provided by the Digital Photography School. Post your response to their weekly photography assignment – one “winner” is featured each week on their main page. Registration (free) is required to participate. Check out their forums for Critique My Shot, How I Took It, and Share Your Shots as well!

- There is a Flickr Group for just about every subject under the sun. Join a group based on your home town, state, or country. Like taking pictures of architecture? There’s a group for that! Like taking pictures of sunsets? There’s a group for that! Like taking pictures of pets wearing costumes? There’s a group for that too! Share and collaborate with other enthusiastic photographers, and make your photos visible to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Photo Credits (in order of appearance):
- “Snow Geese at Bosque del Apache” by Howard Ignatiuson Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Ocean Swirl” by The Tahoe Guyon Flickr Creative Commons.
- “Casa Batllo #6″ by Tobias Mandton Flickr Creative Commons.

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